When on the shopping street, you will encounter many pets who do not have names, and will instead have a ! above their head. These pets are not owned by anyone, and simlpy live in Party town, and they will give you things or say things if you click on them. They do not wear clothes, and their looks are randomly generated using the groovy groomer's facial features.

Below is a list of things they say. This list is incomplete.

  • You can't see me...
  • How can you see me? I'm supposed to be invisible!
  • Gosh, you're so cute! I think I might have a crush on you!
  • I'm the prettiest pet around town!
  • It's your lucky day! Here's 1 lucky point for you! (gives you one lucky point)
  • Here's a secret for your ears only... My neighbor's in love with mr. Scarecrow!
  • Wow! This plot has recieved more than 1,000 compliments!
  • Whoops! I totally forgot to go home after work...
  • Someone just stole 1 coin from you! (takes one coin)
  • Deal! 1 coin! (takes 1 coin)
  • Look at you! Take these 3 coins and get a makeover at Groovy Groomer's! (gives you three coins)
  • I heard that Maddie's Magic Shop has lots of fascinating items! You should take a look.
  • Look how talented I am! It's written on my face.
  • Everybody's got to eat! Enjoy! (gives you a common food item)
  • I'm super hungry! Time to grow a pumpkin!
  • Come and pay me a visit when you have some free time!
  • Whack-a-pet is super fun! I jsut won  a dolphin! You should try too!
  • Aah! The plant-eating flowers are scary!
  • I want a girlfriend!
  • My wife is the best!
  • Having trouble signing in to Pet party? try clearing your browser's cache!
  • Pardon me, I'm in a hurry! sorry!
  • I earned a lot of money today. Take these 3 coins! (gives you three coins)
  • A lucky star is shining on you! (gives you one lucky point)
  • You're too skinny! Here, take this! (gives food)
  • Which do you like more; my gorgeous face or my awesome body?