The outside of Eric's Electronics.

Eric's electronics is a store that sells things like lamps, appliances, and many other things that use electricity. Many items from Eric's electronics actually glow if you turn off the lights in a room of your house using a light switch. Some of these items can be deceptive, however, as they are a lamp or candle item that doesn't actually light up, so whether they do or not is added in the catalog below for conveniece. if an item is incorrectly marked as lighting or not lighting, please change it to correct the mistake.
Item Price (coins/diamonds) Lights up?
Blue/white mounted AC unit 8/2260 no
Blue/white standing AC unit 12/2680 no
pink/white/blue refigerator 1860/1800/588 no
black/white microwave 1650 no
plain grey/automatic white washing machine 2600/3200 no
blue/orange/pink/black clock 800 no
blue/green/pink alarm clock 688 no
blue/yellow vaccuum machine 960 no
white laptop 2400 no
black/pink computermouse 80 no
black/pink LCD monitor 480 no
black/pink keyboard 99 no
black/pink computer tower 280 no
floral chandelier 700 maybe
flower floor lamp 1200 yes
classic chandelier 3 maybe
royal pearl chandelier 1520 maybe
classic lamp 1100 yes
floral lamp 1350 yes
basic ceiling light 530 yes
ivory/gold light switch 50/99

no (turns room light on and off)

ivory/gold power outlet 45/68 no
apple chandelier 1100 maybe
apple clock 1200 no
bug TV 1200 no
apple lamp 800 yes
apple alarm clock 500 no
aegean iron chandelier 1000 maybe
gothic wall lamp 800 yes
blue/green/red/purple/yellow swan crystal chandelier 8 maybe
antique recording machine 9 no
antique telephone 1200 no
antique iron 10 no
floor lamp 1500 maybe

More will be added to the list later.